How Long is There to File and Who Pays For Injuries and Repairs?



How Long is There to File and Who Pays For Injuries and Repairs?

Florida mandates certain time lines for filing your accident and case for recovery of expenses and damages. The most important ones are the necessary filings and notifications with law enforcement, insurance companies or in court actions and of course the DMV. A competent attorney can be hired to assist you with these, especially if you’re visiting from another state. This can minimize later problems or issues.

People ask how long it will take to recover damages, loses and expenses from injuries or wrongful death claims in Florida. Quite simply the answer can varies as each set of circumstances varies. The answers to some extent can be found in the statute of limitations laws of the State of Florida. These are best interpreted by a competent personal injury lawyer or an auto accident attorney.

Specific laws govern the time allowed to sue regarding various types of cases, from insurance contracts to auto accidents, as well as other actions both civil and criminal. Usually this starts on the date an injury takes place, however there are exceptions.

In Florida no fault insurance is the standard. It may be written by insurance companies legally allowed to provide auto insurance within Florida. These policies include personal injury protection, or PIP, coverage for those insured in Florida. When drivers from other states are involved, the way things work can be a little different. The knowledge required to deal with these complexities is best provided by a competent legal counsel. An experienced attorney in Florida versed in car accident case work and personal injury actions can handle these for clients.

A letter of protection can open treatment services for an injured party in the State of Florida. A Florida attorney can draw one up for a client. Before going to Florida on vacation, for example, it may be a good idea to get a referral to a Florida accident attorney, in case the unexpected occurs. This will be comforting to know when traveling, even if their services are never needed.

Essentially, filing times for DMV, police accident reports and insurance notification are best coordinated by a lawyer or attorney. In terms of filing, promptness is the rule as with all entities, police, DMV and the insurance company. A key factor is to determine who is at fault and who should recover damages from the accident. Knowing your rights, whether a visitor or a native Floridian, is always in one’s best interests.

At the minimum, when you are involved in an accident you will first need to call the police. Remember do not be talked out of emergency medical care by anyone, you are entitled to it and it may actually save your life. So, if you feel hurt, even a little, seek medical attention right away. Then as soon as you are able, call your insurance company and report the accident. Keep in mind to not give any recorded statements or any medical records to the other party’s insurance company. Let your accident attorney or personal injury lawyer assist you with these matters.