Top 5 Upcoming Artistes That Were Formerly Superstar



Top 5 Upcoming Artistes That Were Formerly Superstar

Being famous is one thing, staying famous is quite a daunting task. Nigerian music has witnessed a lot of very bright and talented artistes come and go, while some have held tenaciously to the reins of fame and have not let go since.

Whether the artistes here mentioned like it or not, it is a sad reality that they have lost the sauce that kept them high up there.

One of the reasons they are now described as upcoming is because the don’t catch our attention any longer. Two; it’s been a long while since they had a hit song either as a featured artiste or an individual effort.

Can you imagine an artiste who you couldn’t wait to download his/her next track but at the moment you’re unlooking their new efforts.

Here are 5 artistes who went from being superstars to upcoming artistes:



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