3 Elements A Musician Must Never Forget, Regardless Of Where You Are In Your Career



3 Elements A Musician Must Never Forget, Regardless Of Where You Are In Your Career

Let me begin by stating that, what is going to be briefly discussed in this write-up is not something that you have never heard before, it is to serve as a reminder for those things you have heard or learned at on time or the other during the course of your musical careers. That said, it is advised that these points shouldn’t be taken likely at all.

  1. Your Music is Valid Right Now

Many artists trouble themselves with thoughts on how to be the next big thing; on strategies they must execute to be successful and become global icons, sign major record deals and perform at a world stage. Also, there are others who, not only, use fellow artists as a standard to measure their success, but also duplicate their success blueprint and operate with it. The truth is, as pivotal as these can be to your career, they might make you less appreciative of your little victories and the baby steps you’re taking towards the big picture.

Regardless of your zeal and pursuit for success, learn to celebrate and appreciate your successes, no matter how little they might be. You don’t have to wait for the big dream to be actualized before you celebrate your small victories, it is in those small victories that the legitimacy of your music lies, your small but strategic victories.


  1. Work! Work! Work!

As a musical artist, dreaming about where you want to be in your career isn’t enough. You have to work at it. Working at it might not be so easy or comfortable, you just have to put in the work. You’ve got to work smart also. That’s why you need a team that can formulate and execute strategies for you. Remember to set for yourself small, specific and achievable goals that are in-line with your dreams and will put you closer to it.


  1. Be part of a Community

Join yourself to a community of like-minded artists. Artists who share similar dreams, have like passions and are willing to pay the price for success. This helps you feel more valuable and it is good for feedback, especially from those who do similar things as you. The feeling of being encouraged constructively criticized and understood helps you get better as an artiste and also helps you produce better content consistently