Don’t Spend Thousands On Canada Visa Application, Without Reading This



Don't Spend Thousands On Canada Visa Application, Without Reading This

The main reason for their dream to remain just a dream for another year or in the most of the cases for the rest of their lives? It is not that Canada does not accept them and just rejects their applications. One of the main reason is that those people just do not have the courage to apply. And this is because they just have no idea, where they have to apply, what papers they need, what application forms they have to submit, what fees they have to pay and so on and so on.

Here appear all those Legal Advisers, Immigration Consultants, Employment Agents and Recruitment Companies that offer their services for a very fat reward. In most of the cases, the reward is few thousands of dollars per applicant, just to prepare their documents and submit it on behalf of the applicant. Here I have to mention that some of those just charge an initial charge and then they disappear. Of course, there are local companies and agents just their charges are too high for the poor people to pay.

So after we have mentioned this two reasons, at the same time we have filtered the dreamers from few million to just a few hundred thousand that are willing and have the ability to pay the above-mentioned charges. From this point onwards we have two groups of people, those that have the money in cash to proceed with the applications and those that have some properties and they have to sell it in order to get the cash for applying. Believe me, the second group represents 85% of this few hundred thousand. They usually sell everything they have with the hope that in a few months they and their family will be citizens of the dreamed country. Unfortunately, this is not the reality, the reality is much more harsh with them. Usually about a year later they get a letter from the embassy stating that their application has been rejected. In the most of the cases, they are rejected because of incomplete documents or because they do not qualify for the type of visa they have applied for or because they have failed during the interview if they reach that far to attend an interview. After they get this letter, they are totally devastated because they have sold everything they had. And the conclusion is that the poor become poorer and the rich richer.

The good thing is that there is a solution to this problem. Even the Canadian authorities have announced that a person does not need a legal advisor or any agent to apply for an immigrant visa. They even encourage individual applications. The main problem as I have said before is that people do not know where, how and when to apply. The solution to this problem is the personal immigration guideline or how it is called Permanent Residence In Canada Blueprint. It is a step-by-step guideline to immigrate to Canada.

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