11 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship



Even the most harmonious relationships can be tricky sometimes, not to mention the more turbulent ones. So how do you tell whether you’ve finally found the one or this is just another affair that will get you nowhere? Once you get past the first stage of your relationships with butterflies in your stomach and all kinds of fuzzy feels running all over your body, it’s important to take a closer look at what you’re feeling and where you and your partner are heading.

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If you’re in the right relationship, both you and your loved one will continue feeling comfortable and happy around each other, showing respect and affection towards one another like you never did before. But even the most ‘perfect’ relationships can turn into a bumpy ride sometimes. This is why we came up with these 11 signs that you’re in a right relationship and need to worry no more. 


You sometimes fight
Contrary to the popular belief, it’s normal if you sometimes fight and disagree about different things. In fact, it’s even healthier this way! If you hold back and suppress your emotions, it’s a sure sign that the relationship make you uneasy and nervous. Yet, even when fighting you don’t do it to prove a point, but rather to understand each other better. Fights should be productive as it’s a type of communication.

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